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Our intent is to provide ongoing support for the processes required by the accreditation agency. This includes but not limited to conducting and reporting on a self-study project, assessing sustainable systems such as student services and curriculum review, creation of new support systems, and creating rubrics for evaluation of staff, budget, faculty, leadership, and other supporting systems.

We work with many institutions seeking accreditation either regional, national, international, specialized, and or programmatic, including:  

  • ACEN


  • SACS

  • DEAC

  • CHEA



  • COE, and so many more. 

State Licensing & Compliance

We help you file for state licensing through careful preparation and strategic planning.


We work with your institution step by step until you are ready to file for your license. Otero Consulting Group guides you during the process of licensing and helps you take the proper steps to make your school the best it can be.

Some of our Licensing Services: 

  • Provisional License.

  • Annual License.

  • Program Addition and Modification.

  • Appeals.

  • Online Delivery Applications. 

  • Onsite Visit Preparation.

  • State Commission Meeting Representation.

  • International Institutions.

  • Florida Board of Nursing

  • Electrolysis Board

  • Massage Therapy Board

Florida Board of Nursing

We help you with your filing with the Florida Board of Nursing. We work with you step by step until your institution has submitted all required documents for its programs. 

Some of our Services for FBON: 

  • Curriculum Development for Nursing Assistant, Associate of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

  • Guide you through creating improvement strategies for your Health related programs like the ADN, ASN, PN, RN-BSN, LPN-RN, MSN and more.

  • Assist with filing of Annual Reports

Writing Documents

Curriculum Development

We offer a variety of services including:

  • Development of curriculum for all types of schools including but not limited to Technical, Communications, Broadband, Fiber, HVAC, Electrical, Aviation Tech, Automotive, Business, Psychology (Profiling, Fraud Detection), Business Forensics, Allied Health, and Nursing institutions.

  • Shift from non-degree to degree-granting institutions.

  • Online Delivery / Hybrid, Emergency Shift to online or addition to current programs.

  • Advising on best practices for online, hybrid, and on-campus courses. 

Business Partners at Work

Executive Level Consulting 

We provide Executive-level Consulting and customized solutions for your institution to assess key issues and improve institutional oversight. As a professional consulting firm, we understand and help with the operation of your school, and be available for strategic, operational, and high-level consulting. 

Business Meeting

School Owner Training 

We offer Business Owner Training where you can learn how to operate your business successfully and to its full potential. 

Some of our Offerings are: 

  • Leadership for Owners and Administrators.

  • Business Interruption Management.

  • Organizing Myself. 

  • And Custom Courses.

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Other Services:

  • Business & Educational Consulting

  • Start a University or College

  • Custom Services for K-20

We apply our extensive expertise with the unique challenges facing institutions to better ensure quality, implement assessment, and achieve compliance. Our experience can assist universities, colleges, schools, and technical institutes in expanding their educational presence nationally and internationally. Our services are fully customized to the client's specific needs. Our Leadership has over 30 years of experience working in the U.S and with International institutions in both traditional and non-traditional  institutions. 

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Special Services:

  • Custom Program Development

  • Alternative or Preventive 

  • State, Federal and Juvenile Programs

We customize programs for law enforcement agencies, departments, or bureaus at the state or federal level. This includes gang intervention, alternative education for expelled students, and preventative programs for the early grades.

This custom option is not available for civilian applications unless you are an existing privately owned alternative school. Experience in operating an at-physical-risk program is required.

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