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About Our History

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Our Mission

"Our Mission is to provide quality consulting services utilizing our experience, dedication, and respect. Our goal is to become your Catalyst for Change."

Top Growing Firm

     Otero Consulting Group (OCG) is a Professional Education Compliance firm. Whether creating a new University, College, or Tech Institute, we ensure clients are fully satisfied with our work and provide quality results. OCG is fueled by the commitment to excellence and is the Catalyst behind many fast-growing Educational Institutions nationwide. We help Investors, Owners, and Administrators Develop, License and Accredit the latest Tech, Health,  and Academic Institutions. As leaders in the industry, we take pride in helping our clients reach important milestones and utilize our full-service expertise to guide them on the path to success.

Early Years

     Otero Consulting Group [OCG] was inspired by the many experiences around the world within the business of education. Early in his career, Dr. Jose Otero interacted in the operations of many educational institutions and observed their effective measures. He also witnessed the systems that made a school go from good to great. Unfortunately, he also understood the consequences involved in failing schools. What made matters worse, he understood the long-term effects a bad running school has on its students and the future that follows them. Dr. Otero was inspired to create a venue for sharing his strategy.


Industry Leaders


In 2013, he formed Otero Consulting Group and began to work on building a better compliance process for the creation of public and private institutions. As part of his transformational approach, he created techniques that involved implementing extensive technology that assured accuracy and management of large information. This allowed for comparing data and analyzing the financial and academic components that usually lead a school to failure. By instilling quality components in the early stages of the schools creation, the clients were able to grow quality and financial stability during their first year. He recalls that his biggest hurdle was coaching the residing leadership that "change is both beneficial and cruel", and that Quality is the only constant in a successful institution. In doing this, he was able to gain their trust and convince them that they must first embrace the concept of transformational change using a systemic approach. He always refers to his processes as “Leading through Quality”.



OCG Today

     As part of our evolution the company speaks over 5 languages and helps clients in many places around the world to overcome hurdles related to school operations and identifying systemic approaches that are reliable and effective.


Our service offerings also include solutions for State and Federal Law Enforcement collaborations to infuse pro-active measures and reduce violence in a school setting.  Being true to our original mission, OCG focuses on entrepreneurs, private, charter, public schools, K-20 and other  long-standing institutions. Our future is strong as is our determination to help school operators fuel the minds of tomorrow.


Otero Consulting Group has become a “Catalyst for Change” for many schools, and it will continue “Empowering Schools One Mind at a Time”.

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