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"Dr. Otero was an accomplished educator and a visionary leader!"

List of competencies which were observed:

-Visionary and creative
- Effective in implementing change 
-Analytical thinking
-Systems-oriented perspective


"Understanding, articulation, and ability to implement: Educational philosophies, group management approaches, integration of behavioral management into educational programs"

-Focused on leadership development
-Great insight and critical thinking
-Loyalty and support


 "The program would not have been successful without Dr. Otero's leadership and attention to detail. He was well respected by students, staff, and company leadership. With a tough student population, our program had one of the best recidivism rates in the state."



 "It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Dr. Jose Otero. I've known Dr. Otero personally and professionally for over 20 years. I consider Dr. Otero a valuable asset to any company; he is honest, responsible, dependable and incredibly hard-working. He's communication skills, leadership skills and his professional demeanor are outstanding. As a dedicated and knowledgeable individual, Dr. Otero is a all around great person."


  "Dr. Otero is one executive that I would enjoy working with again. I highly recommend his abilities and knowledge to any organization. I know that his assets will add to any company looking to surpass their present outcome."

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