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Dear Instructional Leader

​By this time in your day, you have been given at least 4 new priority projects, your direct reports are busy with a multitude of prior "priority" assignments and you know you cannot afford another administrator.

First let me say, "You are doing a great job".

But as you know, that is the nature of the position, you will always have to balance your deadlines vs. your health. What if you could afford another administrator (or more) without worrying about salary, benefits, liabilities or  being over budget? having a consultant that you use "as needed and as assigned" can make the difference.

The operation of an educational institution has become a balance of time management and expertise in many areas. When a school has needs in multiple areas including Behavior, Attendance, Career Readiness, College Prep and Parental Involvement, the Instructional Leader utilizes every method in their tool chest to resolve the issues.

However, all too often, the persistent issues begin to erode the time and availability of the Instructional Leader which inadvertently reduces their effectiveness. This phenomenon is not unusual and happens to hundreds of administrators every day. Regardless on how well prepared a school leader becomes, their effectiveness becomes reduced when they are spread too thin.

As a seasoned administrator, I can help to resolve Program Operational Issues, New Start-Up Programs, Existing Schools and even suggest affordable solutions. I am an expert in efficient School and Program Operations.

As a consultant in the business of education, and almost 30 years of Administration, Finance, Professional Development, Supervisory, Mentoring and Teaching experience.  I specialize in the use of several experiential techniques to help educational organizations solve their School or Program Operation hurdles.

My experiences are harnessed from exposure to many schools and programs in several states and organizations throughout multiple continents. I have seen what works and what a sure disaster looks like. In just the last 15 years, I have assisted many schools nationally, with measured success.  

My positional advantage is that as a consultant, I have the advantage to focus on just one aspect of the problems, while you must focus on the entire operation. The logic behind it certainly speaks for itself.

Otero Consulting Group, is a very affordable solution to any educational setting. I can help you resolve a host of issues existing in District and School environments within Alternative and Traditional settings.

Call or Email me today - to receive your 30-minute consultation at no-cost.

Dr. Jose L. Otero


The Path to Success

I view compliance as an opportunity to help make your School Operations more efficient, accountable, and  sustainable.

Staff Training

A Comprehensive Approach

I provide a broad spectrum of development and training options to equip your staff with the tools to succeed.

Data Analysis

Expert Guidance

I work to help you understand trends and ideas that are in your data to discover value in the information you have.

HR Support

The right kind of Talent

I can provide a wide range of HR consulting services designed to support your organization's success.

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