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Do You Know T.E.D.?

You Should, it could make a difference in creating safer schools….

Tactical Educator Defense (TED) program can address many security issues related to violent trespassers. Utilizing existing available resources, educators can be trained on various offensive techniques that can minimize or stop a violent event and effectively reduce casualties. A T.E.D. trained educator would be able to engage an offensive and be a LEO asset without having to carry a firearm.

TED concept

The TED concept was derived from analyzing several factors involved when an active shooter or other perpetrator with a weapon gains full access to a confined large population. These unfortunate events have the same common theme; “a violent criminal that is confident they can overtake any minimally defensive action by the victims and accomplish their goal.”

Supporting T.E.D.

If an assailant were to receive a well-executed offensive, their advantage would be compromised.

While violence in our schools is tragically common, it is not being properly addressed because what needs to happen is a “taboo” conversation.

Additionally, the expense of many proposed solutions is not sustainable. However, it is well known, many federal and state enforcement departments have access to tactical instructors, military trainers, facilities, and expert knowledge in situational defensive tactics. This resource needs to be harnessed to prepare our educators to defend themselves and their students until help arrives.

OCG has taken on an initiative to create awareness and seek support to develop a program for Tactical Educator Defense or “TED”.As a personal project, the CEO is inviting conversations with School Districts, FOP, PBA, NYPD, Police Academies, Retired and Active Law Enforcement.

Dr. Jose Otero, DBA, Ed.S

Chief Executive Officer

Otero Consulting Group®

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